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Plumbing Installation: A Guide to Understanding the Process

If you’re wondering how plumbing works in a home, you should take a look

When most of us think about our plumbing systems, all we know is that the water comes when we turn the faucet handles and that the water goes away when we flush the toilet. We don’t really have a good idea of how everything in that system works. This can make it difficult to diagnose and fix problems that occur with the plumbing system in your home.

When the plumbing system is installed

When you build a new home, the plumbing system is one of the first parts to be worked on. The stubs for the plumbing system are set before you pour the foundation of the house. However, work on this system will continue throughout the construction of the home.

The rough-in phase of plumbing, which we’ll talk about in a moment, takes place at the same time as the plumbing and ductwork are installed. Fixtures are installed before the walls go up, drainage systems are installed at the same time, and traps and final details are added after the cabinets are finished and the house gets the finishing touches.

Shell construction

During the shell phase, builders determine exactly where each pipe will run in the house. They must all be connected to the main drain line, called the chimney.

The rough plumbing takes place after the walls are up, but before the drywall is in place. All the main drains are installed at this stage, although no fixtures are connected at this point. Water supply pipes and toilet flanges are also installed during this part of the process.

Major fixtures

While the shell is being built, but before the walls are in place, plumbers can begin installing the larger fixtures. This may include showers, tubs and other larger fixtures.

The larger fixtures need to be set at this time, as they are often too large to fit through the doors once they are framed. The space must be built around them. To prevent damage to the fixtures at this stage, contractors cover them with cardboard, tarps or even old carpeting.

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