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How to unclog a clogged sink?

How to unclog a clogged sinkHow to unclog the sink in case of clogs, blockages or blocked drain? Depending on the nature of the problem, different processes can be used to restore the sink and its pipes to perfect drainage capacity. Read on to learn more.

How to unclog the sink: isolate the problem

The first thing to do when confronted with a blocked sink is to identify the root cause: a clogged drain, in fact, can be the result of several events, such as the accidental dropping of a foreign object or the accumulation of dirt or soap and detergents. The solution to a clogged sink drain is to remove the objects with pliers or by removing the siphon.

How to unclog a very clogged sink

If you’re trying to clear your kitchen or bathroom drain, the annoyance may have already reached its peak. It’s important to remember that using many chemical unclogging agents may not solve everything. In fact, these products can solidify with the debris, causing even more severe blockages or irreparable corrosion to the pipes. Read on to discover the most effective initiatives.

What to do about a clogged sink.

  • Use the plunger: When your kitchen or bathroom sink is blocked, use a special tool called a plunger. Fill the sink until the rubber part of the plunger is covered with the suction cup, and push it down to create a vacuum. At this point, simply press and pull alternately until the pipe is finally free.
  • Use the plunger spring: How to unclog a sink with hair, and pasty residues released by shaving foam and cosmetic products using the plunger spring. It is very simple to use: by inserting the sink plunger probe into the drain and turning the appropriate knob, the spring will advance along the pipe, unblocking it and removing the clog.
  • Use a compressed air gun: Another great solution is to use a compressed air gun, which produces a powerful, focused spray capable of removing clogs along the drain.

Natural remedies for blocked sink:

To unclog a sink or bathroom sink quickly and cheaply, you can use natural unclogging agents like coarse salt and boiling water, vinegar and baking soda, or citric acid. These remedies are easy to use and don’t cause any side effects. Have you chosen how to unclog the sinks and basins in your home but would like expert advice? Contact us now for a consultation: Call us!

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