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How do you unblock a badly blocked drain?

unblock a badly blocked drainThere is nothing worse than a clogged drain. When sewage does not drain or drains hardly at all, it is often a clogged drain. If this persists for longer, even stubborn clogs can develop. To prevent this, there is unfortunately only one thing to do: unclog your drain. You can unclog the drain yourself. Below are some tips with home and garden items that you can try yourself to identify and solve the cause of a clogged drain. 

How to unblock a badly blocked drain

5 tips to unblock a badly blocked drain yourself!

Tip 1: Find out the location of the clog

If you’re set on tackling the challenge of unclogging your drains on your own, the first step is pinpointing exactly where the blockage is occurring. It’s common to notice symptoms like water failing to drain properly in both the sink and toilet, or even experiencing water bubbling up in the sink whenever the toilet is flushed. These signs typically indicate a blockage somewhere in the drainage system underneath your house.

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If a specific drain in your home has become clogged, chances are that you can start by yourself first. If the water in your sink doesn’t drain properly or water stays in the shower, hair, and soap scum are often the culprit. These remain briefly behind the siphon in the drain.

You can solve this problem by thoroughly flushing all sewer connections by pouring buckets of water into them. When this produces a little water puddle, the sewer connection is no longer clogged. If this is not the case, there are a number of ways to clear the blockages.

Tip 2: Flushing with boiling water and baking soda

As food residues and grease often clog drains in addition to hair and soap residues, it is wise to start by regularly flushing the drain by pouring baking soda and boiling water down the drain. This will prevent blockages and dissolve soap and grease residues. This liquid unblocker fixes a clogged sink or shower drain as well as the toilet. This remedy typically works thoroughly and effectively without affecting plastic pipes. In addition, this is also a very eco-friendly solution.

Tip 3: Use a rubber unblocker

Then, if the drain is still clogged, the first thing that can be used is the rubber unblocker. With this, you can try to unclog the sink by placing the suction cup of the plunger on the drain, after which you start pumping. In many cases, this quickly clears the blockages.

Tip 4: Cleaning the siphon

If this does not solve the blockage, another approach can be taken — cleaning the siphon. Place a bucket under the siphon (to collect water and waste) and disconnect the siphon. Then clean the siphon thoroughly. This method can be used for both the sink and the sink.

Tip 5: Do not use chemical unblockers

If the blockage cannot be reached even after disconnecting the siphon, then you could use an unblocker. However, most unblockers contain harsh chemical ingredients. Since this method of unblocking can cause more damage than you would like and its use is dangerous, it is wiser to unclog the drain with eco-friendly and organic unblockers such as baking soda. This will also not damage the drain.

What causes a clogged drain?

A logical consequence of showering is the accumulation of hair in the drain. A recognizable problem, a large tuft of hair, for instance, can cause problems and nobody wants that. So make sure as little hair as possible ends up in the drain.

Another possible cause of a blocked drain anywhere in the house are things that have accidentally ended up in the drain. Think of rubber bands, papers, cotton buds, pins or other items. Prevent these items from ending up in the drain.

The most common cause of a drain that has become clogged is water containing waste such as grease and food particles. Over time, this will get stuck to the inside of the sewer, clogging it.

Soap residue
Like sewage, soap scum also sticks to the inside of the drain, which can cause a blockage. Whether it is the drain of the bathtub or of the washing machine or shower, this can be a reason.

Water contains lime, and letting the water flow each time will leave lime in the sewer, potentially clogging it.

Can’t manage it yourself?

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